Microsoft Access™ 97, 2000, & XP 

Microsoft Access™ is a comprehensive Database Management System (DBMS), which stores data in simple-entry format. Access is the ideal choice for all database use, especially involving multiple databases, or complex sorting and filtering operations.

The real value, however, of using Microsoft Access™ as a database is in the highly flexible input & output methods, in terms of forms and reports.  Microsoft Access™ is also extremely interactive with Microsoft Excel™ for use of imported databanks and charts.  Through development of customized database systems for our Clients, we have developed a simple approach to database creation, use and management within our training material.

Level I:

  • Database structure
  • Access database components
  • Database creation
  • Creating a table within the database
  • Tables – primary keys
  • Relationships
  • Form creation using autoform
  • Entering data & editing forms
  • Deleting record
  • Re-sizing columns
  • Changing field order
  • Sorting data
  • Introduction to queries

Level II:

  • Simple reports
  • Queries involving calculation
  • Reports using multiple tables
  • Forms using automatic fill from queries
  • Joining two or more databases
  • Handling duplicate records                                                         


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