Computer Software Training Material

Quadrant is pleased to announce our latest service to business in the form of quality computer software training material for in-house staff training. The materials relate to the most popular and widely-used Microsoft Office™ suite of products, together with the highly successful Microsoft Windows™ operating environment. All materials are available for 97, 2000 or XP products.

The single-use booklets are comb-bound with clear plastic front and textured card back, and are designed to function as both workbook during the class, and as a valuable reference tool upon return to the workplace.

Microsoft Access
Microsoft Excel™
Microsoft Outlook™
Microsoft PowerPoint™
Microsoft Word™
Microsoft Windows™

Level I & Level II
Level I & Level II
Level I (Level II available September 2003)
Level I
Level I, Level II & Level III
Level I

All student materials are backed up by our Instructor’s Notes, and give easy to follow steps for rapid proficiency in the products.

Our ordering system is also designed for your ease of use - just click on the links above to your product selection and follow the steps on the ‘How to Order’ screen.  Our friendly, helpful associates are here to help guide you through the process, if required. 

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