Regardless of the particular products or services supplied by a Company, one fact remains constant; the level of competition is getting tougher and the emphasis on maintaining, if not improving the "Bottom line" has never been so apparent. Most Companies develop in-house expertise to adequately cover the standard business functions, such as sales, production, accounting, development, delivery and management. In terms of disciplines that are not considered within the normal business functions, however, most Companies have two major difficulties:

  • The first problem is to identify the type of discipline needed to solve a specific application. It is usually a simple matter to define the effects of a problem; but to identify the cause, together with the ramifications on other areas of the business, is a much more complex issue.
  • The second is in the form of a question; "Who can be trained within the Company to do the work required in the new discipline." This point invariably leads to the further questions of "What is that person not going to do in terms of their normal work", "How much is the training going to cost" and "Will we ever use the skill again."

The answers to these questions are straightforward. Yes, the Company can use in-house resources to achieve the objective, but at what cost?

At Quadrant Business Systems, we understand the needs of any business that is not standing still. We know the value of accurate and up-to-date information and we can use a number of methods to help identify the problems and provide experienced individuals to solve those problems. This will then allow the Company to continue with its development and expansion plans within a structured and quantifiable environment.

Simply, we take the guesswork out of the management cycle so that informed decisions can be made.

By using external Consultants, you can be assured of the following:


All our Consultants have been interviewed by our own staff and it will be ensured that they have the necessary qualifications, experience and ability for the work to be undertaken. In many business situations, in-house staff may not have the necessary experience and would require training.


You will only pay for the actual work done, when the appropriate stage of work has been completed to your satisfaction. In accordance with the original specification of the assignment, there are no extra overheads, nor hidden costs involved.

Range of disciplines

Most of our Consultants are multi-disciplined, which means that any problems can be addressed from a number of different viewpoints, to ensure that the optimum solution is reached.

Project control

You will remain in complete control of your project, with the Consultant reporting directly to you or your appointed representative, and being "Overseen" by a member of Quadrantís staff.

Consultant continuity

Your Consultant will be assigned to you for the duration of your project. Wherever possible, continuity of service will be ensured throughout the work, with additional Consultant cover, should the need arise.

"One-stop Consultancy shop"

Quadrant Business Systems has built up a database of national and international expertise over the course of many years within the Consultancy business. Our goal is to provide you with the individual(s) suitable for the work. There are, however, circumstances in which we do not have Consultants in a particular discipline. In such cases, we will do our best to provide you with details of Organizations who can provide the appropriate service.

Finite projects

At the planning and assessment stage of any project, we ensure that the Client is aware of very definite project end criteria. One problem associated with the use of external Consultants in the past has been their "self-perpetuation". At Quadrant Business Systems, we believe in providing the resource appropriate for the job, with an option for the Client to expand the Consultantís involvement, if this is beneficial.


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