Regardless of your specific type of business, you have developed particular ways to do things Ė whether these are production procedures, or instructions to train others, one thing is common; that the steps involved must be documented in a clear and retrievable manner.

Documentation may be considered in terms of three key areas:

  • Procedural reference
  • Training
  • User understanding

Whatever the final use of the documentation - computer-based, graphically represented or just plain text on paper, the process to achieve usable documentation must be logical and easy to follow.

At Quadrant, we utilize the services of Technical Writers from a variety of backgrounds, to work with your staff to produce the right level of documentation. This way, we can produce high-quality work that is cost-effective and accurate, and most importantly, matches your specific needs. We understand fully that your own staff know the systems and procedures and could document them, but what would they not be doing during that time?

Call us today to discuss your documentation needs, you will probably be surprised at how cost and time-effective our work can be. And if your need is to train your own staff in technical writing, procedure writing or flowcharting techniques, donít forget to check our Training page.


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