Organization and Methods

In most production environments, Management spends 90% of its time analyzing the effectiveness of the work within the manufacturing process; the emphasis is to continually improve the operations and reduce cost.

There is, however, a second area to be considered; one which tends to be overlooked, and is far more wasteful in terms of resources than the manufacturing process. This area is clerical support.

Many organizations would react quickly to a 1% increase in scrap on the shop floor, and yet waste in clerical activities goes on without notice. Organization & Methods is a discipline that uses techniques to analyze work done in a clerical environment. For example, have you noticed any of the following in your Company:

  • Excessive paperwork that no-one seems to use
  • Paperwork that arrives at an office just being filed or thrown away
  • Office staff seeming to be unhurried in their work
  • Excessive personal phone calls
  • Lack of motivation of office staff
  • Lack of defined responsibility for particular circumstances

Any of these may point to a problem with the clerical side of the business, which may be easily solved by a review of the working practices and staffing levels/skills involved. Savings achieved by Companies through well-structured O&M projects are usually considerable.

Call us for a free consultation to help determine the area of your business with the most potential for savings and increased profit.


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