Organizational Reviews

Most business ventures start out with some level of plan; whether this is for the purposes of obtaining finance, or whether it is merely a business guide to get the Company up and running. An efficient business will update the plan on a regular basis to adequately reflect the changing needs and circumstances of the organization. However the business develops, one thing is certain as each change occurs, the effectiveness of the infrastructure diminishes.

The main reason for this is that any change should be considered in the light of existing work areas/practices. This results in compromise. Additionally, reviewing the operational effectiveness of the business from within, may result in the following:

  • Limited potential improvement through lack of skills, knowledge and experience
  • Biased consideration due to self-interest
  • Focused findings that cause more harm than good through not considering implications elsewhere
  • Costly and unnecessary training

At Quadrant, our goal is to work with your key staff members to fully review the area of focus. This does not mean wasting resources covering many unnecessary operational areas, but it does mean using risk analysis and management techniques to ensure that claimed improvements really are improvements to the business as a whole.

If your business is more than three years old, or if you are considering an expansion or development plan, call the specialists at Quadrant for a free consultation to see how we can help you to progress in a planned, controlled and quantifiable manner.

The success of your business is too important to leave to chance let us help where  needed


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