Microsoft Outlook™ 97, 2000, & XP 


Microsoft Outlook™ is a PIM (Personal Information Management) application, which allows the performing of a variety of fully-interactive tasks.  Such tasks are invaluable for personal and time-management purposes, and include sending & receiving e-mail, management of calendar and schedules, management of contact lists, prioritizing and scheduling of tasks.

Additionally, through the use of a time-linked journal tool, you may never again forget where you saved a document, nor what other items of work (for example spreadsheets) are related to that document.  If this isn’t enough, Microsoft Outlook™ even has the electronic equivalent of Post-It Notes™ to adhere to your computer screen at will!

Level I:

  • Calendar
    • Creating entry
    • Recurring items
    • Attendee availability
    • Find items
  • Contact list
    • Creating entry
    • On-line maps
    • Sorting & finding
    • Send new:
      • message
      • letter
      • meeting request
  • Tasks
    • Creating entry
    • Recurrences
    • Sorting & finding
  • Outlook Today
  • Notes
    • Creating & editing
  • Journal
    • Automatic record
    • Creating manual entries
    • Journal - automatic event timing
  • In-Box
    • E-Mail retrieval                                                


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