Project Management 

Project work usually involves two key areas, the specification of the requirements; and the management of the implementation. If the first area is inadequate, then the project management will tend towards reactive, rather than pro-active. Similarly, it does not matter how precise the specification is, if the project management is weak, the success of that project is at risk.

Many Companies derive at least a part of their business from bids. By its nature, bid work tends to require a detailed specification, as this forms the basis for the subsequent contract. The problem usually occurs when the bid has been won, in terms of having very limited time to define control systems to manage the project to meet the specification.

This is where Quadrant can help. We can develop your project management strategy in line with the contract requirements to produce a quantifiable project plan which may be controlled by your own staff, or by one of our dedicated Project Managers. Our systems take the guesswork out of project management, and ensure that your Company remains on top of the project; making decisions based upon accurate and timely information.

Can we guarantee that your projects will never have a problem – no! but what we can help you to do is minimize risk and ensure that as a Company, you are made aware of potential problem areas in adequate time to adjust the plan for unforeseen circumstances.

Every project is different, but certain proven techniques can ensure that your chances for success are optimized. The use of an external Project Management specialists can mean the difference between cost-effective control; and that penalty clause being activated…………….


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