Microsoft Windows™ 2000, & XP


Microsoft Windows™ is by far the most common operating system in use today. This half-day Introduction to Windows course is designed to give the student a basic knowledge of the ability of the software, together with a firm grounding in its use.

This course is designed for the newcomer to Microsoft Windows™, and emphasis is placed on helping and encouraging individuals with basic skills.

Level I:

  • Use of the mouse
  • Working with windows:
    • opening
    • closing
    • re-sizing
  • Start button & executing programs
  • Types of windows
  • The start menu
  • Taskbars
  • The desktop
  • Screen savers
  • Help
  • Explorer functions
  • New folders
  • Icons - copying and moving
  • Shortcuts - creating, copying & pasting
  • Mouse settings
  • Right mouse button functions
  • The recycle bin
  • Deleting & un-deleting

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