Work Study

Work Study is quite simply the study of work any work, for the purposes of improvement, quantification or time/cost planning. Work Study may be considered in two principal categories, these being methods analysis, and time.

Methods analysis is based upon a system of asking questions regarding the work. These questions were summarized by Rudyard Kipling in his poem:

I carry six wise serving men, they taught me all I knew

Their names are What and Why and How and When and Where and Who

Using a variety of techniques, the work process may then be analyzed to produce the optimum working procedures, responsibilities and methods a key factor in minimizing operational costs and making sure the money stays on the bottom-line.

The Time aspect of Work Study relates to the effectiveness of the work being carried out. Again, using a number of techniques, it is possible to standardize the output of work under controlled circumstances. Standardization does not mean that a particular person (maybe the best worker) can achieve a specific output level; it means that quantified output may be anticipated within given circumstances.

This standardized data may then be used for a variety of applications, including cost estimating, incentive bonus schemes, crewing and manpower planning, together with managerial control of output and statistical process control.

No business can be successful without operational goals but such goals must include all relevant factors, including quantity, quality and service performance. Call us for a free consultation about the way forward to control your business.


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