GN103 Customer Service

During the last decade, Companies focused their attention more on cost-cutting and expense reduction, than on Customer satisfaction and increased profits through additional income. The overall level of Customer service diminished to the point where Customers were often viewed as at best, a necessary evil, while at worst, an irritation that gets in the way of a productive operation.

In recent years, however, the focus has been to develop a sound and reliable Customer base that will do the Company’s marketing for it. For many Organizations, however, the writing on the wall did not come soon enough, and return to the ‘old ways’ of Customer satisfaction and retention has not been an easy path.

The Customer Service course is designed to re-establish the fundamental principles of a Supplier-Customer Win-Win scenario by exploring the needs of the Customer, together with the needs of the Company and the individual.

The main areas addressed in the course include:

The Customer
  • Who is the Customer?
  • What do we mean by ‘Service’
  • Customer expectations
  • Why do we have Customers?
  • What is our understanding of ‘Customer Service’
  • Repairing by Explaining
Benefits of Good Customer Service
  • Lower advertising costs
  • Minimal damage recovery cost 
  • Growth through repeat business & word of mouth
  • Staff morale improved
Relationship Between the Vendor and the Customer:
  • Customer wants the purchase
  • Price is reasonable
  • Interaction occurs
  • Both parties are happy
  • Vendor has the appropriate product
  • Vendor wants to sell the product
  • Sale is made
  What Could Go Wrong in this Win-Win Situation?
  • Customer irritates Vendor
  • Vendor not focused on Customer
  • Customer is inward focused
  • Vendor considers themselves superior
  • Vendor is inward focused
Course Objective

The principle objective with this course is to re-train employees in the art of Customer satisfaction and the needs and wants of the final user.

Candidate Profile

The course is geared towards all staff involved in direct or indirect handling of Customers within the business.

Maximum attendees: 10

Duration:  1/2 day


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