Training is one of the most unproductive, least cost-effective and most wasteful activities in which a Company can engage itself.                            

Far too often, a Company considers that the training of its staff is an end in itself, but would never dream of assessing the affect of the training on the Company’s balance sheet. Regardless of whether the required training is hard skills, soft skills or software, one thing remains constant:


Training should be quantifiable, productive and associated with savings

At Quadrant, we know that many Companies have not considered training to be associated with measurable savings, but our system of guiding you through the assessing and planning stages of your training strategy assures you of a quantifiable return on your training budget.

Don’t assume that all training providers are the same – talk to us about how you can operate a training strategy & enjoy all the benefits and results from dealing with professionals who really care.   

Current Course Catalog:

SS101  Train The Trainer

SS102  Management Works!

SS103  Win-Win Working Together             

SS104  Team Building

SS105  Time Management


GN101  Writing for Business

GN102  Procedure Writing & Flowcharting Techniques

GN103  Customer Service


MG101  Management By Objectives

MG102  ISO 9000 Appreciation

MG103  Presentation Skills

MG104  Internal Quality Auditing (ISO 9000)


SW101  Microsoft Office 2000/XP

SW103  Introduction to Computers

SW104  Introduction to Windows



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