MG101  Management By Objectives

The Management By Objectives course is designed to train key members of staff in the development and effective use of this staff performance & appraisal technique. The principal behind the success of a good MBO system is the definition of the individual’s position within the Company, and the identification of achievable goals within a specified timeframe.

The Main areas addressed within the Management By Objectives course are as follows:

Scope of an MBO Program
  • What is Management By Objectives
  • Who is to be involved
  • Managerial resistance
  • Organizational considerations
MBO – Goal Setting
  • Approach to establishing goals
  • Objectives as achievements
  • Personal considerations
  • Statement of objectives
  • Appraisal and quantification
The Review Process
  • Pre-review procedure
  • Appraisal interview
  • Behavioral problems
  • Guides for review process
  • Final goal review
Other Considerations
  • MBO and the Human Resources function
  • Integration with strategic planning
  • Cost vs. return
  • Extending MBO to non-managerial levels
  • Monitoring of results

Course Objectives

The principle objective of this course is to train Managers to develop and implement an effective Management By Objectives program into the Company. Such a tool can assist with many other facets of Human Resources planning and comparative pay structure evaluation systems.

Candidate Profile

Candidates for this course would be initially members of the Management team, followed by Supervisors and others who would be involved in the overall implementation of such a system.

Maximum attendees: 10

Duration: 1 day


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