MG103  Presentation Skills

The Presentation Skills course is designed to enhance the basic group communication skills of individuals who are required to ‘publicly’ present information to others. The course covers both methods and tips for presenting information, together with a practical video-based assessment of the individual’s performance in a controlled situation.

The Presentation Skills module should be considered in association with Course SS101: Train The Trainer, where considered appropriate.

The course includes the following:

Presentation Content
  • Central theme of presentation 
  • Pattern
  • Validity of information
  • Purpose
  • Transitions between points
  • Introduction & conclusion
Non-Verbal Influences
  • Speaker position
  • Natural movements
  • Eye contact
  • Physical attributes of communication
  • Kinesics (confidence, control, fear, etc.)
  • Expressions
Verbal Ability
  • Articulation
  • Vocal inflection
  • Volume & pitch
  • Diction
  • Rate
  • Breathing pattern
Audio Visual
  • Font & readability
  • Crowding of visuals
  • Color coordination
  • White space
  • Graphics

Course Objective

The objective of the Presentation Skills course is to critically examine the skills, abilities and effective communication of the Candidate. This is a highly interactive course designed to highlight areas of weakness and teach methods for overcoming them to produce a professional presentation manner.

Candidate Profile

This course is designed for all individuals required to undertake either internal or external presentations to staff, Customers or peers. In addition, Management may improve communication abilities and gain confidence when dealing with members of their staff.

Maximum attendees: 5

Duration: 1 day


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