GN102  Procedure Writing & Flowcharting Techniques

The Procedure Writing & Flowcharting Techniques course is designed to introduce personnel to the methods involved with clearly and accurately documenting and charting processes and procedures within the Organization. This course is geared towards facilitating a Company’s Quality Management System (such as ISO 9000 or military equivalent), as well as providing the means for establishing a Company’s training database.

This course should be considered in connection with Course 01: Technical Writing, where the existing levels of business writing are to be developed, either in individuals, or in terms of Company standards.

The main areas addressed include:


  • Preparation for the task
  • Vocabulary
  • Chronology
  • Consequences
  • Explanations
  • Reference
  • Diagrams
  • Beta testing


  • Basics of flowcharting
  • Types of charting
  • Applicability
  • Standardization
  • Logic checks
  • Completeness
  • Detail level
  • End User considerations
  • Maintainability

Course Objective

The principle objective with this comprehensive course is to train employees in the understanding, development and implementation of procedural analysis and documentation, appropriate to the needs of the final user.

Candidate Profile

The course is designed towards the needs of technical and managerial staff, especially in cases where regulatory procedures are in effect within the Business.

Maximum attendees: 12

Duration: 1 day


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