Course SS105  Time Management

The Time Management course is a combination of steps, designed to make your handling and use of time as productive as you want to let it be. This is a strange description of this highly valuable session, mainly because the extent of success depends wholly upon each individual’s interpretation of their current level of time usage. The course deals with enabling candidates to identify time-wasting in their environment, tools for dealing with time-wasting, and focusing techniques for profitable return on the Company’s investment.

This course is made up of the following sections:

Understanding How Time is Used (and Abused)
  • Considering time in a new way
  • Procrastination
  • Paperwork: the time-killer
  • Realizing the importance of time
  • Stopping the rot
  • Telephone calls – the second time-killer
  What Do You Want From Your Time
  • Better time management
  • Make use of every minute
  • Productivity as a reality
  • The chair-free meeting
  • Complete projects (instead of just starting them)
  • How to save time
  • Time-wise
My Time – My Responsibility
  • How long do you want?
  • Be professional – be noticed   
  • Delegation & the home life
  • Schedule rudeness out
  • Always have time to make another worthwhile appointment
  • Balance, quality of life & contentment
  How to Start
  • Plan
  • The boss isn’t the problem!
  • The small-minded vs. the potential results
  • Avoid excuses
  • Timescale for implementation
  Beware the Back-Slide
  • Goal setting
  • Regular review
  • Problems are the success-indicators
  • Monitoring
  • Key points assessment

Course Objective

The main objective of the Time Management course is to bring awareness to the Candidate regarding the ways in which he or she will waste time on a daily basis. The course gives direction for understanding why time is occasionally so productive, as well as how to avoid known time-loss situations.

Candidate Profile

This course would be suitable for all office workers together with all levels of Management.

Maximum attendees: 12

Duration: 1 day

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