SS103  Win-Win Working Together

The Win-Win Working Together course is designed to focus the employee’s attention on his or her importance in the overall organization. The course will emphasize how to "create a spirit of cooperation in the workplace." The skills emphasized are those that used to be commonplace and taken for granted, but are found wanting in much of today’s labor pool.

This course module may be supported by a Management By Objectives course, which emphasizes clearly defined Job Descriptions, Goal Setting, and Performance Assessments.

The main areas addressed within the Win-Win Working Together Course include:

General Workplace Attitudes
- Leaving problems at the door.
- Seeing the glass half full: having a positive mental attitude
- Physical appearance and what it says about you and your company
- The Win/Win concept

Communication and Understanding
- Clear and concise communication
- "It’s HOW you say it."
- Body language and subtle communication
- MYOB: Minding Your Own Business
- Conflict Resolution: Working together to resolve differences

Understanding Management’s Role
- Management By Objectives Principles: Job Descriptions, Goal Setting, Work Assessment
- Concentric Circles: Where do you fit in? With whom do you deal?
- Observing Clearly Posted Workplace Guidelines
- Earning "ownership": having your say

Legal Issues
- Cultural Diversity
- Gender Equity

A Study in the Personalities
- Four major personality traits
- Flexibility

Course Objective

The main objective of the Win-Win Working Together course is to provide employees with the understanding that they play an important role in the success of the company. A secondary objective is to teach that it is reasonable for any company to have expectations for its employees.

Candidate Profile

This course is suitable for all employees in any company.

Maximum attendees: 20

Duration: 1/2 day


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