Soaring to Success

The Situation...

OK, your Company is doing everything right, or so you believe……….. sales are increasing, the business is expanding, new markets are being tapped.

But somehow, there’s a niggling doubt in your mind.  There seems to be tension between Management and the employees, you’ve noticed that there seem to be a few more Customer complaints than usual, and that’s the fourth employee to leave this month……………

What makes things worse is that when you try to recruit replacements from the usual sources, there don’t seem to be so many applicants as there used to be.

The final straw is that both new employees and trusted people who have been with you for years appear to be making constant mistakes, where they never used to.  It’s almost as though they don’t care about their work anymore.

The employees should be happy with the way things are going, after all, they have a steady paycheck and job security for some time to come – why do they seem to be less motivated now when things are going well?

 Something is not going according to plan, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.


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