Soaring to Success...2

 The Reality

Your Company has probably reached its ‘Plateau of success’. In a nutshell, this means that Management, employees, and Customers have parted company in terms of what they want from the work environment, and are no longer in synch with each other.

On the surface, Management may merely be aware of some minor bickering and disquiet within the ranks, but with strong, directive Management the employees can be kept under control despite their petty troubles – right?


These are signs of MAJOR problems within the organization, and unless something is done to bring things back together, serious consequences will result.

Management is losing sight of their goal of facilitating the workforce towards reaching the objectives of the Company.

The employees are not enjoying their time at work, they have no loyalty towards the Company nor towards Management, and the classic ‘us’ vs. ‘them’ has developed.

As for the Customers, they will start to leave you to find the caring, Customer-oriented approach your employees used to have. Things must change – NOW!



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