Soaring to Success...3

The Way Forward


We, at Quadrant have developed our three-stage process to be geared towards overcoming the problem as a whole, not just the individual parts.


             Stage 1

Management Works!:

This is a comprehensive 5-day course, designed to provide a firm foundation in Management principles for newly-promoted Supervisory & Management staff, as well as providing a ‘Refresh and Review’ course for established Managers.

Stage 2

Win-Win Working Together:

This half-day course is geared towards the entire workforce, to develop a mutual understanding of workplace goals, and an appreciation of theirs, & Management's roles.


Stage 3

Customer Service:

This is an initial half-day course designed to support the Win-Win Working Together   program.  The purpose is to present the Customer-oriented goals of the Company in a manner that can be understood by all as a natural part of their daily function.


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